Pocket Casts Is A Gorgeous Cross-Platform Mobile Podcast Manager

Android/iOS: When we asked a few weeks ago which mobile podcast manager you used, Pocket Casts wasn't available. Now that it is, you can enjoy the app's visual approach to podcast management, with icons and tiles for new episodes so you can quickly jump to the show you want to enjoy.

Pocket Casts has a broad library of available shows, and subscribing to one adds it to the series of tiles on the app's home screen. Tap a tile to flip it over and see available episodes and start listening. The app also supports variable speed playback and lets you skip forward and back, TiVo-style.

Pocket Casts is $2.70 in the Android App Market and $2.49 in the iTunes App Store. Are good looks enough to make you switch from your favourite mobile podcast catcher? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Pocket Casts [via MakeUseOf]


    Err - Pocket Casts was available when you asked what podcast manager we use. Android and iOS. It rocked then, and it rocks now.

    Great app. Best podcast organizer IMO. Would like to see some improvements - namely an option to view all podcasts in library by date added. My favourite app presently - and has been available for a while now.

    Its free on the amazon app store right now!

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