PicshaPass Creates Secure Passwords From Photos

Android: There are plenty of random password generators on the Android Market, but PicshaPass takes a different approach. It uses photos, either taken in the app itself or from the gallery, and hashes the image data using SHA-256 encryption to come up with a truly random password. The password length, along with whether it should use letters, numbers, or special characters, are all defined by the user.PicshaPass has a free version and a paid version, which costs $1.98. The free version doesn't show ads, but it does ask if you'd like to donate every time the app is freshly opened (it's not much of an annoyance, really). Snapping pictures is actually quite fast since it doesn't need to take good pictures to be effective — as the developer points out, even a picture of near total darkness can net around 140Kb of image data.

PicshaPass [Android Market]


    Ummm if I understand this correctly, the app just creates a password based off the data in the photo taken?

    If so, that's really no more helpful in remembering your password for next time is it? I mean "[email protected]#fs_7dew!" isn't something that sticks in my mind...

      I think the idea isn't that it will be easy to remember, rather that the random password generated is truly random (well, at least more random than what most apps generate, which are all pseudo-random)

      Granted, for a password, pseudo-random is fine I think. All mine are generated with KeePass, which I think is one of the best password management programs available.

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