PermissionDog Displays Your Android Apps' Permissions

Android: The free PermissionDog app is a handy tool for evaluating the security of apps on your phone. It shows you at a glance all the permissions each app has, rates each app's permissions settings, and can also monitor them in real time.

If you've ever installed apps and just glossed over the permissions settings, now you can more easily find that information, since PermissionDog gives you all the permissions info in one place.

You can sort the apps by danger level, see all the permissions and PermissionDog's danger rating for each app, and learn more about specific permissions and which apps use them.

The app errs on the side of caution. For example, the AVG Antivirus app was rated the most dangerous (5 out of 5) because of its ability to mount and format filesystems, and restart other apps — things the app was designed to do.

Still, PermissionDog is a great app for easily getting all that detail and doing a quick analysis of your Android apps' permission settings.

PermissionDog [via XDA-Developers]


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