Panopticlick Determines How Unique And Trackable Your Browser Is, Even With Cookies Turned Off

Web app Panopticlick examines how unique and trackable your browser fingerprint is even if you've disabled cookies in your browser.

Developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the web app uses information your browser shares with websites by default — like installed plug-ins, system fonts, screen resolution and so on — to create a fingerprint and test how difficult it is to track your browser across the internet. My browser's fingerprint, for example, was unique among the 1.6 million browsers already tested by the site.

For more information — including ways you can defend against this kind of fingerprinting — check out this PDF.

Panopticlick [EFF]


    Heh,.. I did the test and read,... well tried to read, the PDF. Unfortunately I'm no better off now than before. Sorry, but I'm not actually sure what this was supposed to do for me? :{

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