Out Of Bandages? Use Duct Tape And Tissue Instead

Out Of Bandages? Use Duct Tape And Tissue Instead

This is definitely best for short-term use, but if you’re completely out of regular bandages, using a small strip of duct tape with a bit of tissue or cloth can get the job done in a pinch.Photo by Zeke

If it sounds all too familiar, it’s probably because 3M tried marketing the look to injury-prone manly men and DIYers a few years ago. Their take may have been commercial gloss, but the real deal can protect a wound like nobody’s business.



  • Band-aids and other dressings are usually non-adherent so when you finally take them off you don’t rip the wound open again – this DIY method would. Just something to keep in mind.

    • Um, no. Us clever folk put the sticky part on the unwounded skin, and the non-sticky cloth/tissue part on the wound.

      Try it – you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

  • This is terrible advice. Anyone with basic first aid training would know that. As Tom said above, tissues will stick to the wound. This would stop blood from getting on stuff but you’re not doing yourself any favours. Use some tissues to stop the bleeding, sure, but don’t use them as a bandage.

    • Bollocks – I’ve been doing this for years… It’s perfect for when you want to stem the bleeding, but like me, you want to get that thing off as soon as possible… Mind you, paper towel is a far better option than a tissue.

  • This method is tried and tested, used to do this at school when I was younger, you were an idiot if you ripped it off too soon, if the wound hadn’t healed, and the way to avoid that was to cut it from the middle, where the cottom bud/tissue would be so then you can apply slight pressure to the cut and slowly remove the sticky tape, of couse you don’t use racing tape, just plain old sticky tape, the oils in the skins should help it get off, unless your about 100 years old and have really dry skin.

  • The “tradesman’s first aid kit” contains a slight variation on this theme – we rip off a small piece of rag and use that instead of tissue.

    Depending on the items at hand, you can also use cable ties or electrical cable tied in a loop to hold the “bandage” in place while you finish the job.

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