Open A Bottle Of Wine Using Just A Piece Of String

If you need to open a bottle of wine but don't have a corkscrew nearby, Instructables user Saul shows us how to get that cork out using just a piece of string and a bit of knot-tying.

We've tried to open a wine bottle with a shoe before, but found it was a bit more difficult than advertised. If you're having trouble getting that cork out, you might try this method: just pop the cork down into the bottle and tie a nice figure eight knot at the end of a string. Dip the string in the bottle so that the knot is under the cork, and slowly use it to nudge the cork up into the neck of the bottle. From there, you should be able to pull on the string and bring the cork right out.

For picture-filled step-by-step instructions, hit the link below.

Open a bottle of Wine With a Piece of String [Instructables]


    It's only taken 5 years for you to pick up on this link.

      We don't have a "it must be brand new" attitude at Lifehacker. Plus, it's a big web these days!

        Well said, Angus. This is a timeless hack.

    I like how they say "just pop the cork down into the bottle" like it's nothing. In the vast majority of instances I don't think it would be so easy to get the cork all the way in.

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