Nuance FlexT9 Gives You Four Android Input Methods In One App

Nuance FlexT9 Gives You Four Android Input Methods In One App
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One of Android’s handiest features is the range of alternate software keyboards available if you don’t like the default choices on your phone or tablet. Nuance FlexT9 demonstrates that in a fairly extreme way, offering a choice of four different input methods: speaking, Swype-style tracing, tapping on a normal keyboard and entering letters by writing them.

The Australian English version of Nuance FlexT9 is a free download until September 14; the $4.99 paid version adds support for additional languages.

I’m on the road and away from my test Android devices, so I haven’t given this a run yet. Any comments from people who do give it a try are, as always, welcome.

Nuance FlexT9 [Android Market]


  • Works great for me on non-mainstream hardware (Garmin Asus A50 phone and Kogan tablet). Was using Swype but find this a bit easier and better (eg. better at apostrophed words it seems).

    None of that signup for beta and having an installer like Swype does – major pain.

  • Nice keyboard, the swyping works as well as swype, the keyboard is good, all the keys of the stock keyboard with a few extras (without making the keys hard to press like the hackers keyboard).
    Finger writing… not that great, but then its hard to form letters well with ones finger(p vs q, g vs y… etc). Though its not excusable that every time I wanted to write a lowercase ‘i’ it mistook it as a semicolon (believe me, i tried very hard to get that lowercase ‘i’).
    Overall, I would use it, but I am hoping very much for an update for the finger writing.

    • Ben, you need to do the stalk of the “i” first then the dot. It will work then. I’m guessing you’re doing the dot first, as when I do that I get the semicolon too. But if I do the “stalk” part fist it picks up the “i” no probs.

  • Nuance must have a boatload of PR ability – the number of reviews that FlextT9 has had popping up over the last 2 days amoungst all the tech blogs I follow is amazing. This includes websites that don’t normally feature Android apps. Makes me wonder what the incentive is (I’m not accusing LH or Giz of anything here, by the way).

    As far as the keyboard is concerned, I’ve downloaded it (simply so I can avoid paying for it later if I want to use it). Swiping in words seems smooth, but I prefer to use my existing Swype keyboard for this, especially since Swype 3 was released. It’s definitely a close race between the two however.

    Arguably, it is a great keyboard and a worthy alternative to the best out there. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say its undoubtedly the best, its too close a race with others.

  • Long before there was Swype on Android, there was Shapewriter for the iPhone (originally developed by IBM). I’ve still got it, it’s quite nice, but you can’t get it now.

    Nuance bought Shapewriter a while ago and Shapewriter was removed from Apple’s App store. I don’t know if it was related; and now Nuance is using this technology seemingly for Android only. Bugger.

  • Yes, it’s quite nice, but has anyone stopped to look at the licence agreement for it?? It says they have the right to keep and examine any voice recordings and text typed through the FlexT9 software.

    So if you were to use this all the time on your phone, they can essentially read any SMS or emails that you’ve sent, as well as have samples of your voice.

    Is it just me or is this a rather large invasion of privacy? Lifehacker, could you please investigate this?

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