New Skype Beta Rolls In Facebook Contacts, Adds Facebook Chat

Skype's new beta for Windows now allows you to chat directly with Facebook friends and access your Facebook contacts. The app has a new Facebook Contacts tab that will bring up all of your Facebook friends, and allows you to see their online status and start a conversation with them.

Skype for Windows already allows you to read your Facebook news feed, but the beta also allows you to "like" statuses and comment on them without logging in to Facebook on the Web to do it.

Skype 5.5 Beta for Windows [Skype]


    Pidgin already can access Facebook chat fyi. It's a much lighter client too.

      And any chat client that supports xmpp, while we're at it.

      If they add an extra feature - where you can voice-call any facebook contacts who're also accessing it through skype - It'd suddenly get a lot more useful.


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