Multiplicity Controls Numerous Windows PCs With A Single Keyboard And Mouse, Is A Last Resort

Windows: Multiplicity is an application in the vein of previously mentioned Synergy that allows you to control multiple Windows computers with a single keyboard and mouse. It's also quite spendy.We've detailed how to control multiple computers across platforms with a single keyboard and mouse using Synergy, and it's a free, open source option. The catch: For some, the setup process leaves a little to be desired.

Synergy improved its interface in recent releases, but if you've tried Synergy on Windows and just couldn't get it working the way you wanted, Multiplicity is a viable, if expensive, alternative. For $US30 it can control three PCs. For a whopping $US50, it works on up to six computers and can copy files and folders between PCs.

The takeaway: If Synergy isn't working for you after following our guide, you're only using Windows computers, and you don't mind dropping a wad of cash, Multiplicity is a good option. For our part—we'll stick with Synergy.

Multiplicity [Stardock]


    Free but proprietary option is logmein, uses a browser to control the keyboard and mouse.

      logmein is a rather different solution, aimed at remote access rather than treating multiple machines as a single display. I'm unaware of any features they offer that match, and I'm a paying customer.

      Synergy is still the most flexible and reliable option, and you can do a surprising amount once you've worked out how to use their config files. a few years ago I had multiple laptops, and managed to get my desktop to recognise whichever one was on the network as the third screen on synergy.

    Or if after trying both Synergy and Multiplicity, and not having luck with either, another one to try is KaVoom!

    My favourite is Input Director. Also free and seems more stable and useable than Synergy for me. Less modern interface though.

    If your having issues with Synergy, then Multiple PC control is not for u

    Does anyone know if you can 'sync' or 'gang' multiple PC's together. Essentially i want to run a Powerpoint presentation in 3 different cities, with the ability to show full res media (HD Clips etc), without the need to stream etc. By having the content local on each machine, all i need to do is control those PC's in sync. Thanks!

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