MiniBin Puts Recycle Bin In System Tray, Tweaks Its Behaviour

Windows: Dragging stuff to the Recycle Bin can be annoying if it's hidden amongst the clutter on your desktop, behind all your windows. MiniBin puts it in your system tray, making deleting files and emptying the bin super easy.

It may seem like a small tweak, but MiniBin really does make dealing with deleted files easy. Not only can you open up the recycle bin just by right clicking on it, but you can even empty on it just by double-clicking — no showing the desktop necessary. You can also turn on and off sounds, the progress bar, and the confirmation dialog when you empty it by opening up its preferences. It also lets you tweak its CPU usage for older machines, and customise the icon that shows up in your system tray. It's a simple app, but saves you the annoyance of showing your desktop every time you want to deal with the Recycle Bin.

MiniBin is a free download for Windows only.

MiniBin [via NirmalTV]


    Mac has had this feature in its dock for as long as i remember. surprised no one else had come up with the idea for windows before

    Nice. I usually put it on my start menu.

    I would have thought it was a lot easier to just right click on the item you want to delete and select 'delete'!! Just drag the bin icon onto your taskbar, and it's no longer cluttering up your desktop. Best of all it doesn't use any system resources by sitting in your system tray!!

    I thought it was even easier to just press the 'delete' key on my keyboard?!

    I've been using the "insivible icon" trick for the past few weeks (since it was posted on LH) but now I think I might give this one a shot. Yay! :)

    Do people make a habit of deleting thing they want to keep? I always disable the recycle bin and find it much better. Done it for the last decade and never had a problem

    Accidents happen when more than one user is involved, vtl.

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