Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Has Wireless Encryption

People who are security-conscious recommend that you always use wired keyboards when you're typing in your passwords, bank account numbers and anything you wouldn't want people to snoop on. Why? Because previous wireless keyboards transmissions were rather easy to intercept. Microsoft, though, has a solution with the Wireless Desktop 2000.

The 2000 looks like a fairly standard Microsoft keyboard, with a textured wrist area and a Bluetooth mouse to go along. The interesting part is that it has 128-bit AES encryption, which will make it much more difficult for your neighbours or coworkers to digitally eavesdrop on you.

From experience, Microsoft's keyboards are really solid, and their mice are decent enough — even though I prefer Logitech's larger, hand-contoured ones. This will cost $US40, and works on Macs as well as Windows machines.

Microsoft Hardware [via Microsoft Hardware Blog]


    AES encryption on wireless keyboards is not new. Logitech has been doing it in a number of their devices for a while now and any of their products that use the unifying receiver system has the encryption. See this whitepaper from 2009:

    It's a less a feature of this MS keyboard and more an expected industry standard in wireless devices these days.

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