Mega Button Puts Shortcuts To Chrome's Most Used Settings Right In Your Toolbar

You can access most of Chrome's settings from the Wrench menu, but it's a bit cluttered and hard to navigate quickly. Free extension Mega Button puts shortcuts to some of Chrome's most accessed settings right in your toolbar.

Mega Button adds shortcuts to Chrome's Bookmarks, History, Plugins, Extensions, Downloads, DNS, Memory and Cache pages to your toolbar, complete with nice, big icons so you can find and access them quickly. It just makes it a little easier to access these oft-needed settings, since the Wrench menu sometimes seems a little disorganised and cluttered.

You can, of course, add these to your bookmarks bar as well, but this helps save you some space. Check out the video above to see a demonstration.

Mega Button [Chrome Web Store via AddictiveTips]


    Great idea! Though the ability to customize which shortcuts are shown would be nice.

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