Make An LED Ereader Light Overlay To See Your Ebooks At Night

E-ink screens are easy on the eyes because they're a lot like reading on paper, but like paper you can't see them too easily in the dark. The solution? This clever, battery-operated DIY light wedge that you can use as an overlay on your eReader's screen.

This fun DIY project comes from the MobileRead forums user surquizu, who put it all together with three AA batteries (and a holder for them), a small sheet of transparent plastic (although anything transparent should work), five white LEDs, an old box of nails, a CD sleeve, connectors, sockets, and a bit of wire. It's not the easiest DIY project you'll ever find but it's a very cool solution to night-time ereading. The final product fits right over your ereader's screen. You could even use a binder clip to hold it in place.

If you want to make one, be sure to hit up the full instructions (with lots of pictures!) over at MobileRead.

DIY Lightwedge [MobileRead]


    I don't know about you, but that still looks totally unreadable in my book. Why not just point the LEDs as a mini torch?

    Karan's comment

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