Make A Pair Of DIY Soundproof Headphones On The Cheap

Make A Pair Of DIY Soundproof Headphones On The Cheap

The sound coming from your headphones is great. The sound coming from outside your headphones is not. Here’s a DIY project that’ll turn your regular set of cans into the soundproof variety.Instructables user dsjackson1 took the Peltor President Hearing Protectors and embedded a pair of KOSS KSC-75 headphones (about $US10, and dsjackson1’s pick for the best headphones under $US50) inside of them, using a red and white RCA audio to 3.5mm stereo cable to wire everything up. Check out the Instructables post for the full how-to, or Ian Anderson’s slightly higher quality modification. And if you don’t need complete silence, these previously posted DIY noise-reduction headphones are another good option.

$25.00 Soundproof HiFi Headphones [Instructables via CNET]


  • It’s a great idea, but if you wear glasses, don’t expect total sound isolation. The sound will sneak in through the gap created by the arms of your frames, pushing the padding back. I ended up going for Etymotic ER-4P in-ear headphones. Best investment I ever made.

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