Make A Magazine Rack From An Old Cot's Siderail

There aren't a lot of uses for old cots. You can't always easily sell or give them away because of safety concerns. You can, however, turn the cot's siderail into a convenient magazine rack.Photo by Ohdeedoh.

This DIY project couldn't be simpler: unscrew the crib siderail and prop it against the wall. Then hang your magazines on the slats for easy viewing.

You could probably also adapt this idea to an indoor gate you might have (e.g. pet or children's gates), depending on how wide it is. You might also use the cot siderail or the gate as a sort of towel rack or find another functional use for something you'd normally leave out on the kerb for pickup.

Turn Your Crib Siderail Into a Magazine Rack [Ohdeedoh]


    Nothing like having a bit of junk to hang your junk off.

    Given the price you pay for a cot these days, I'd have thought it would make more sense to keep it together and sell it. Unless of course you're thinking of breeding again....

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