Make A Better Shower Mat Out Of Wine Corks

If you're tired of regular bath mats soaking through to the floor (and feeling nasty all day), you can always make your own out of wine corks—not only are they cheap (or free), but their entire purpose in life is to get splashed with liquid and dry off again.

Danny Seo built one by collecting the corks and standing them upright in a shadow box, which can be built with wood or bought at just about any major crafts store. The corks themselves come super cheap in large bags from craft shops too; admittedly they're much more fun to collect the old-fashioned way, but you'll have a job doing so unless you drink a lot of imported wine. Check out the link below for more details, and more clever uses for old corks.

Wine Corks Upcycling [Daily Danny via Curbly]


    I have been collecting quite a large number of corks for some years with the idea of making a table-top or noticeboard, or.. something with them. This is pretty neat. There doesn't seem to be a standard length for my corks, but that might just make the texture on your feet better.

    Or here's an alternative,.. I built a bath mat using cedar slats, cedar is naturally preventative of insects and most fungi, they don't rot and you just need to screw them together with brass screws rather than find a tray to suit.

      But,... how do you get drunk on cedar?

        Ah yes,.. well you see, to me all wine tastes like vinegar,... I know,.. sinful!!, I do like the occasional beer though. But for me to make a mat out of corks, I'd have to buy a whole bunch of them, which I'm thinking, takes the fun out of it... :)

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