LightDims Stickers Block Super-Bright LEDs On Home Electronics

LightDims Stickers Block Super-Bright LEDs On Home Electronics

Almost everyone knows the feeling of turning off the lights or sitting down to watch a movie only to be annoyed by bright, glowing blue and red LEDs on the front of your electronics. LightDims are stickers that will either block those LEDs entirely, or just dim them a bit so they’re not distracting.

The promo video above is the most ridiculous 2 minutes you’ll ever waste, but the idea is solid. LightDims come in a variety of transparencies based on how much light you’d like to block. Just peel off a circle or square of the opacity you prefer, and stick them on the offending button or light. You can still use the button, and they’re easy to remove.

A sheet will set you back $US5.99, which isn’t bad if you absolutely have to have perfectly round or square covers for the LEDs. At the same time, you can get small circular stickers by the sheet at your local office supply store for the same price (or less,) and nothing’s stopping you from cutting out a piece of masking tape to get the same effect, even if it’s a little messier. How do you keep the lights on your electronics from waking you at night? Leave your tips in the comments.

LightDims [via Unplggd]


  • Blue tac does a nice job to dim the light, gaffer tape will black it out but leave residue. I like using blue tac with black bags that come with photographic paper (basically black plastic which is easy to cut to size)

    I work as printer in a photographic darkroom which needs total black – no safe lights so I have plenty of experience in this

  • I once had a cheap Nokia phone that I couldn’t turn of the blinking blue light. It used to shine through my trousers in dark rooms. I tried various adhesive patches but they always came off until I got brave and drilled through the lens and disabled the light with a very small jewelers drill. Worked a treat

    • Dude,.. you drilled out the led!! Bloody hell… you’re lucky you didn’t break the continuity of the electronics your phone…. Bad idea

      • The LED should be purely a notification device. If it plays a vital part in the otherwise normal operation of the phone then it’s a terrible circuit design. Would you expect your car to stop working when the lights on the dash fail?

  • I use electricians tape mostly, it usually blocks the light entirely and you can cut it to an unnoticeable shape and size. Plus it sticks well and can be removed easily. Oh, and it comes in a multitude of colours..

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