Kogan Shipping Chromium Netbook In June

We still don't have Australian launch dates for Google's officially-licensed Chromebooks. However, if you're happy to settle for a device based on the Chromium open source project rather than the Google-sanctioned version, Kogan is listing a 12-inch screen model which is set to ship on June 7, a week ahead of the official overseas Chromebook release.

Priced at $349 plus delivery, the device sports a 1.3GHz Celeron processor, 30GB SSD and 1GB of RAM. There's also built-in Bluetooth, a webcam and a 3-in-1 card reader. Unusually compared to recent Kogan releases, the pricing is fixed, with no LivePrice bargain for early purchasers.

Tempted? Traumatised? Tell us all in the comments.


    $349 is really cheap... But only 1 GB RAM? seriously?
    Not worth it.

    If it has 2 or more USB ports and a Ethernet port then it might just be worth it as a secondary netbook.

    Price is fixed, but specs may change.
    He's done it before.

    Dear mother of... why on Earth is he putting a Celeron in it!?

    It has 1GB of RAM and Celeron processor because it is Chrome OS and not Windows ;)

      I don't care if it's running bareMetal, having a next-to-zero sized CPU cache is just plain horrible.

    It's a bit of an odd duck, and the Celeron is only one of the things that is weird.
    * 1.5kg is heavier than my 10" Netbook
    * 3.5hrs is less than 1/2 the runtime I get from my Eee 1005pe
    * No Builtin 3G for an OS where all your apps are online! So it essentially turns in to a brick every time you take it out of the house.
    * Finally, it runs a Celeron M, where Chrome OS is supposed to run great on ARM.
    In short, this doesn't look like a Netbook designed for Chrome OS at all, it looks like a Windows machine with Chrome OS added as a (lazy) afterthought. It's totally unsuitable

    I'm disappointed in how excited I got when I saw the title. False advertising.

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