If Email Is Dead, How Come Everyone Uses It On Their Phones?

If Email Is Dead, How Come Everyone Uses It On Their Phones?
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“No-one uses email anymore.” I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve heard that at press conferences and presentations. But if that’s true, why do 90% of respondents in a survey cited email as the most used application on mobile phones?

Security company McAfee conducted a global survey of 1500 respondents, including 100 Australians. Of those, 90% cited email as the most common non-calling application accessed on smartphones, followed by calendaring (86%) and internet access (63%). While that research was business-oriented, it still suggests that writing off email is a bit premature. As with every case of “X is dead”, it seems more like “X is so normal these days we no longer notice or get excited about it”. Thoughts?


  • There’s nothing exciting about email or its delivery, but it accounts for probably 95% of my non-calling smartphone use. It would account for about the same for all the guys I work with too..it’s still the mainstay of business communication.

  • Because after using FB for several years I’ve finally come to the conclusion that is not actually that great. Fundamentally you still need to manage messages/appts etc as they come in. In terms of workload there is no real difference to email.

    I agree that the “X is dead” phenomenon is often propagated by disciples of competing new technology in an attempt to get the upper hand – this rarely works. People just use the tools that do the job.

  • With push email and cheap data plans, email is the best messaging option for your phone. It integrates nicely with all smartphone OSes, and is cheaper/more versatile than texting.

  • if anything is about to die it will be those services that don’t use the data plan. sms is a good example, apps like “what’s app” will eat it for breakfast. Email is the meat and potatoes of phone usage, unless your organizing a party, facebook is just annoying.

  • I have never understood why people still pay for text messaging on their smart phones??? why not just send an email for free (when i had a blackberry with free internet)…i tried to convince my friends it would be cheaper and just as easy, as most contact applications you just choose the name and the email or number will be chosen depending on whether your in an email or text. but no one wanted to…they kept paying for text messages??? the point is with smart phones on the rise emails should be souring as well while text messages should be dropping to nothing…

  • Apart from conventional uses – the email store is the closest thing to useful cloud storage that I have.

    Plus if I want to get a photo on or off an iPhone in less than an hour, emailing is the fastest way to go.

  • Since the web is so ubiquitous, SMS should be up for total mass extinction. Goodbye SMS, sweet ugly prince. I never really liked you or your ridiculous fees… umm yeah *gunshot* (no tears damn it).

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