How To Import Your Facebook Friends To Google+

How To Import Your Facebook Friends To Google+

There’s no official way to import Facebook contacts into Google+, but you can add your Facebook contacts to Yahoo through Facebook Connect, and then connect Yahoo to Google+. A long way around, but it works.

Log in to your Yahoo account and use Facebook Connect to attach your Facebook account. Then go to Contacts to import your Facebook friends. Here’s a guide to connecting Facebook to your Yahoo Mail account.

After Yahoo has finished importing your Facebook contacts, head to the Google+ Find and Invite page and connect your Yahoo account. Google+ will import your Yahoo contacts, which should now include your Facebook friends.

Alternatively, you can use previously mentioned web app Friends to Gmail to get your Facebook Contacts into Gmail and then to Google+. Either way, from there you can add them to your circles and share with them.

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  • I’m surprised that Google isn’t making it as easy as possible to move over to Plus from Facebook. Google are too late into the game, and whilst I like the look of Plus over Facebook, it’s useless without people on it, so it’s going to take everything Google’s got to make it succeed.

    • Josh, I don’t think it’s Google who are being obstructive here. Judging by their relationship to date, it’s likely that Facebook don’t want to come to the party..

  • Or you could just wait until more people have access to Google + since there’s really no point in adding people when they won’t be able to get onto Google + because of invites etc.. (that and I’m sure Google’s working on it and will have it soon)

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