How Does SafeSync Compare With Dropbox?

How Does SafeSync Compare With Dropbox?
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Trend Micro’s SafeSync software sounds an awful lot like Dropbox: it automatically syncs the files of your choosing directly from your Windows or Mac computer into the cloud, and lets you access them via mobile devices or share them with others. So what are the differences?

On the upside: rather than being restricted to your standard Dropbox folder, you can share any folders or files of your choosing. You can rename pictures and other files on your mobile device (iOS or Android) before sharing. Pricing for the service is in Australian dollars, and even allowing for the strong US dollar, works out cheaper per gigabyte. A 20GB one-year subscription is $39.95, 50GB is $59.95, and 100GB is $99.95. (Dropbox charges $US99 for 50GB over a year, or $US199 for 100GB.) Trend uses its own data centres, so you won’t be subject to outages from Amazon a la Dropbox (though that doesn’t mean Trend might not also experience outages; they happen, people).

On the downside: there’s no free version (a la Dropbox’s 2GB), so you can’t really try it out and see how you like it. (Subscribers to Trend’s Titanium security software do get 10GB of SafeSync access, but that’s not free either.) There’s also not the same range of integration with other apps or as many mobile clients (you can share files through virtually any mobile browser, but that’s not the same thing). More to the point, I found the Windows software more intrusive and slower than Dropbox and it crashed occasionally, as well as demanding a reboot every time it updated.

Bottom line: if you’re just doing basic syncing and want as much data as possible, then SafeSync is somewhat cheaper. However, if you’re keen for a free service or want access on other devices or through other apps, Dropbox is still a better bet.



  • I dont think i’ll be moving away from dropbox anytime soon. There are just so many developers for android that incorperate it to make their apps way more awesome.

  • I like Dropbox, but I find it a bit limited. Good for a free product though. I checked out SafeSync- 30 day trial isn’t fantastic, but it’s packed full of features and once I set it up it did all the syncing for me. Sharing was easier than Dropbox but the mobile apps werent as intuitive. Heard on the forums that they roll out monthly updates, so here’s hoping they get round to that soon. Would I part with cash…? I’ve been using Dropbox for about a year now and haven’t been tempted so far.

  • I’ve been a customer of Trend’s SafeSync since late last year because I wanted an extra degree of safety with my precious family photos. During the pairing process, their system systematically deleted all my files leaving the directories and thumbs files. When I noticed early this spring, I immediately called their help desk and was informed that they dont support this system and referred me to an email support desk. Long story short, I sit here 8 months later frustrated beyond belief with dimming hopes that I can get back unreplaceable digital photos of my family & kids going back nearly two decades. They refuse to talk to me on the phone hiding behind emails asking the same redundant questions then going silent while I continue to pay for the service as my only chance to recover the files. Based on my experience, I absolutely CAN NOT recommend this service.

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