How Does Optus’ Pricing For The Motorola Xoom Stack Up?

How Does Optus’ Pricing For The Motorola Xoom Stack Up?

At Australian launch Telstra had first dibs on Motorola’s Xoom tablet, but late last week Optus also announced its own deals for the Honeycomb-sporting tablet. How do its prices compare?

Optus is offering a wide range of pricing options. If you want to spread the purchase cost over a 24-month contract, you’ll pay $49.95 for a 4GB a month plan, $54.95 for an 8GB plan, or $59.95 for a 10GB plan. There’s also an option for a 12-month plan, though that increases the monthly repayments.
You can also buy the device up front and have lower monthly repayments. On a 12-month contract, $649.00 upfront plus $29.95 a month gets 4GB of data; $499 plus $39.95 a month gets 8GB; $399 plus $59.95 a month gets 10GB. On a 24-month plan, the upfront prices drop.
By comparison, Telstra’s pricing is somewhat higher and its caps less generous, though it does have one potential advantage: an outright buy price of $840. There’s no contract option other than a 24-month deal. $54 a month (including handset repayments) gets you a plan with 1GB of data; $74 a month ups that to 7GB, and $94 a month increases the total to 12GB. As ever, reception and usage will be an important factor in making your own decision; there’s no point paying for large data volumes if you can’t get good reception, and there’s no point buying a large bundle if a lot of use will be on your home or office Wi-Fi network.



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