Hookeychain Hooks Your Keys Onto Any Magnetic Surface For Safe Keeping

Many of you probably have a bowl next to your door so you know where your keys are at all times. The very clever Hookeychain does away with that need by putting a magnetic hook on your keys, so you can hang them anywhere.

Whether you're prone to locking yourself out or you just don't want to spend tens of minutes searching for your keys every day, the Hookeychain is a clever solution to storing your keys. Just pop the keychain on, and then stick it on your fridge, your file cabinet, or any other magnetic surface. It automatically turns into a little hook from which your keys hang, ready to grab when you need to be out the door. It retails for $US16, and you can get it at the link below in a few different colours.

Hookeychain Magnet [MollaSpace via Swissmiss]


    Bake a bottle opener into there and you have a sale.

    I wonder how that would go when you put the magnet in your pocket next to your wallet and cards?

    Looks like another headline error - should that say "metallic" surface? (Just saw it says the same thing in the body text, but still doesn't make much sense.)

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