Hide Unused Icons In HTC’s Android Applications

HTC’s Sense interface has some nice things going for it, including some great navigational features in its Messaging, Mail and Gallery apps. Here’s how to configure them to your liking.

HTC’s Android apps have a nice navigation bar at the bottom, that can help you quickly filter messages, sort your emails, and access external photo services. However, it can get cluttered down there pretty quickly, and you probably don’t use most of them—just a few. By just long-pressing them and dragging them into the empty box that appears, however, you can clean up that bottom bar for much simpler navigation through those apps.

All phones are a little different, and some might have more icons down there than others, but overall it’s a great way to clean up your phone’s interface a little bit without deleting the shortcuts you actually need. Check out the video to see the shortcut in action.


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