Here’s Everything Your iPhone Home Button Can Do

Here’s Everything Your iPhone Home Button Can Do

Your iPhone’s home button has a whole bunch of uses that vary depending on your location and how many times you press it in succession. Here’s a look at (practically) all of them.

Single Press

Pressing the home screen button once while on your first home screen page will take you to the search page. When on the search page, pressing it will take you back to the first page. If you’re on the second, third, fourth page (or higher), a single press of the home button will return you to the first page. When your phone is locked, a single tap will bring up the lock screen. If you’re in an app, pressing the home button will take you to the home screen (surprise!). Finally, if you press and hold the home button you’ll initiate voice control.

Double Press

Pressing the home button twice while on the lock screen will bring up your iPod controls. Doing that on any other screen will bring up the multitasking bar where you can access apps and settings.

Triple Press

Triple press is reserved for accessibility options. You can set them as you like by going into Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Triple-click Home.

For jailbreakers, you can program the home button to do even more with Activator.

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  • If only the button was reliable. It often misses a single press or registers a double-press when you press once. Sadly, the home button is the most unreliable and failure prone part of the iPhone/iPod.

  • Do these keypresses work with the ipad too ?

    (I don’t have one, but my folks do, and I pass on good info to them on how to use it. And restore apps they’ve accidentally deleted when I see them…)

  • wow three features is considered a bunch of things these days. my home button is the biggest pain in my arse, i usually have to press it three or four times just to register, forget double or triple clicking, i’d get RSI long before any one of the bunch of features.

  • hehe I have to agree Greg I was expecting some home button revelations in here after reading the subject line. I guess the first time you discover that you can access the ipod controls on the home screen is pretty neat though.

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