Healthshare Is A Social Network To Share Health Woes

Facebook bestrides the social networking market like a collosus, but that doesn't stop more specialised players from having a crack. We've already seen a social network focused on planning for death, and now there's Healthshare, a social network where Australians can share information and support about chronic health conditions.

The site is free to sign up for, and aims to bring together people experiencing specific medical conditions, enabling them to exchange information about experiences and treatments. It includes links to relevant support organisations, but also aims to help sufferers communicate directly with each other to better deal with their conditions. Sharing health information can of course be confronting, and the site includes an option to share anonymously if you wish.

I don't have any chronic health conditions (for which I'm very grateful), so I haven't given the site a full run-through. If you give it a try, tell us your impressions in the comments.



    Nice synopsis. This will be a crowded space soon with the insurance companies set to move from a commodity risk mitigation model to a "wellness" mode - they will be creating online health care portals with telehealth, billing, booking shceduling - social media might be part of that solution set.

    Is there really that many people who want to share views on their sickness? Sounds like a tedious subject to me but then I am mostly well

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