Google+1 Finally Arriving In Australia

Google+1 Finally Arriving In Australia

We told you about Google’s +1 recommendation button when it launched in the US back in April. Now Google’s attempt at adding a social interface to search is officially hitting the domain.

Google’s local blog notes that the +1 option should start showing up for Australian users this week. As with most Google products, the rollout is gradual, so you might have to wait a few days (I can’t see it yet myself).

The usefulness of +1 remains very much open to debate — it relies in part on data in your Google Profile, and for many of us, the last thing we want is to give Google more personal data than it already has. Keen on the idea? Think you’ll give +1 the thumbs down? Tell us in the comments.

The +1 button launches in Australia [Google Australia Blog]


  • I got the +1 button code (and ability to use +1 in search results) on the 2nd June. Why did I get a sneak peek? My mum always said I was special, but I didnt realise Google thought so too.

  • I’m not actually a fan of the +1 button. I’ve never liked the idea of having everything i like shared on facebook so that everyone can see it, but i suppose there’s going to be nothing stopping employees from checking your profile and seeing what you are interested. Basically all this stuff is going to end up being useful for against us.

  • I’ve had that +1 thing showing up for ages. I didn’t know what it was at first and now that I do I have zero interest in using it. I guess this is a good place and time to ask, is there a way to hide it/turn it off?

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