Google Sync Update For iPhone Improves Search, Calendar, Email Functionality

Google Sync, the free service that brings your Gmail, calendars and contacts to your iPhone (and other iOS devices) just received a nice update today. Now when you search for mail, you won't be restricted to only the local messages on your device.Google Sync will allow iOS to properly search the server. Additionally, when sending mail, you'll be able to choose your alternative Gmail addresses associated with your account. The third update affects Google Calendar, allowing you to easily accept invitations directly from your device and have the status sync back to Google's servers.

Three new updates to Google Sync for iPhone and iPad [Google Mobile Blog]


    Id recommend not trying out the search function. I just did and it the emails that it found as a result of the search showed up us unread mail - I got rid of 77 of them but there are 13 still unread I can't find.

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