Google Search Does Currency Conversion

Another addition to the list of useful things Google will report in its search results without sending you to another page: currency conversion. Type in a query like "10 USD into AUD" and a relatively current conversion will appear.

Google Operating System reports that the conversion option has been enhanced to include the trading history for selected currencies, but I couldn't get that to work via the Australian Google site. In practice, for most of us a current figure is more useful anyway. The results work most predictably if you use currency codes, but Google does a reasonable job even with more general queries. As usual, you probably won't get quite that rate when you actually make a purchase, but it's handy for getting a ballpark figure.


    Yes! Been using this feature for a while now. Especially when buying from, zavvi, etc.

    It is really helpful with the strength of our AUD (or the weakness of other currencies perhaps)

    Ive been using it for a number of years, though i tend to use when i can be bothered.

    If you like to save 2 characters you can just say in instead of into.


    This has only been around since the start

    This feature is at least half a decade old. Come on.

    Yeah... I've got to echo it again; this has been an available feature for us for a fair while now.

      Feature may well have been in place for years, but oddly enough it's never shown up on Lifehacker before. Also, not absolutely everything we report here is brand new; it's often the case that useful Lifehacker posts cover stuff which is old news to some people, but a handy unknown feature for others.

        And to back you up further, Angus, you did report on something new: The graph of historical change (even though it may not be available to Aussies yet).

    I did not know about this; so it is new to me.

    If anyone has Chrome, Chromey Calculator is just as awesome.

    lots more stuff there

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