Gmail Adds Superstars, Nested Labels, Advanced IMAP Controls

Three of our favourite Gmail Labs features have graduated and moved on to out-of-the-box Gmail.

Superstars lets you assign different levels of stars to an email, making a killer to-do list based on priority; nested labels creates labels within labels, so you can organise your mail by sub-categories; and if you use a desktop mail client, you can now adjust which labels show up in your client and which don't. The Google Search Box lab has been removed altogether, since there's already a "Search the Web" button in Gmail. All features are available from Gmails' Settings page. Hit the link to read more. [Official Gmail Blog]


    hi Whitson, i was really hoping google would update their filter system. it just feels so cumbersome to add individual filters to every contact or write their email into a box with a thousand commas. I just want to select a group label and apply a filter.

    can this be done?


    I had labs and then lost them!!!!!

    What happened?!!!!!

    I want them back!!!!

    Please help me!!!!!!

    Just head to your settings (the gear wheel icon in top right corner), labs are now in there with other settings as a tab.

    I'm surprised Gmail doesn't give you the option to tag mail when you are composing/sending it, and suggest labels to apply to mail when you view it


    I hate these folders that you can't delete.

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