Give Your Desktop A Productivity Boost With These Built-in Organisation Wallpapers

Give Your Desktop A Productivity Boost With These Built-in Organisation Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a great way to customise your desktop, but they can be an organisational tool as well. Here are a bunch of wallpapers that can actual help you keep a clean, tidy and more productive desktop.This may not surprise you, but there aren’t a ton of productivity-based wallpapers out there. We decided to make a few to fix that problem and make sure you have plenty of options to choose from. Some of the wallpapers in this set have other versions associated with them and even PSD files you can customise, so keep an eye out for that.

Striped Aurora
Download this wallpaper [Created by Scott Bay (Behance) 2560×1440]

This Striped Aurora wallpaper is just one example of using these stripes for organisation. You can download three other examples by following the download link and find information on how to apply this strategy to any of your existing wallpapers. Everything you need is provided.

Color Quadrants
Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1440]

Organise your desktop items into four separate sections.

Orange Queue
Download this wallpaper [The Entropia Blog 1680×1050]

Use your desktop to keep a queue of your active files and organise them by use.

Section Vintage Rainbow (Dark)
Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 1920×1080]

Split your desktop items into three sections: apps, docs and other.

Ubuntu Organized
Download this wallpaper [Blogspot 1680×1050]

Similar to the Orange Queue wallpaper that was previously mentioned, but Ubuntu-style.

Minimalist Compartment
Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 2560×1400]

Also available in blue and green. Plus, you can download the PSD to make any edits you want.

Layered Desktop
Download this wallpaper [Gabriel Rodic on Flickr 1440×1024]

Organise your desktop icons as if they are items on various kinds of notepaper.


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