Friends To Gmail Exports Facebook Contacts Into Google Contacts

Simple web app Friends to Gmail converts your Facebook friends list into a Gmail-compatible CSV file complete with birthdays, location, bios, work history and hometown. What's the point? As the developer points out:

Well, maybe you'd like to search which of your friends worked at a certain place, or those who live in New York. Or perhaps you like having your friends' birthdays on your Google Calendar. Maybe you just want all your data to be in Gmail. The reasons are plenty.

Once you've exported your contact info from Facebook, head to the Friends to Gmail About page for instructions on how to import into Gmail. (Quick version: In Gmail, click Contacts > More actions > Import... and upload your file.)

Friends to Gmail


    Quickly doing this before Facebook blocks it.

    More easy and automatically update when your Facebook friends changed, you can synchronize Gmail with Memotoo and after sync your Facebook friends in Memotoo: and Gmail will be up to date :)

    Sync Gmail and Memotoo:
    Sync Facebook and Memotoo:

    I have just wrote an HowTo:

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