Flick Note For Android Syncs Notes Between Simplenote And Android

Android: Simplenote users looking for a way to get their notes onto their Android phones can use Flick Note to get the job done. The app syncs automatically and allows you to quickly view notes you've saved, edit tags, or delete notes from your account.Notes displayed in Flick Note have clickable URLs, phone numbers, and check-boxes you can check or uncheck. Unfortunately you can't modify a note's contents. Flick Note is free, but ad-supported. The developer also offers a paid version that removes ads and enables home-screen widgets.

Flick Note [Android Market]


    I tried Simplenotes a few months ago but it was unpolished. I have now been using Catch Notes and am very happy with that - Syncs between online notes (catch.com) and the Catch Notes Android app.

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