Five Best BitTorrent Applications

Five Best BitTorrent Applications

We’re big fans of BitTorrent. It’s the fastest way to download files quickly without lining up for an HTTP download or opening an FTP client, and it’s a great way to host large files without having to provide all of the bandwidth on your own. Here’s a look at five of the most popular BitTorrent applications.

Deluge (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Transmission (Mac/Linux)

µTorrent (Windows/Mac/Linux)

rTorrent/ruTorrent (Linux)

Vuze (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Did your favourite BitTorrent application fall out of the lineup? Do you have something to say in defence of one of the contenders? Make your case in the comments.


  • I pretty much just use transmission on Linux, if i ever download torrents on windows i usually use utorrent.

    Trasmission is a great client, it has all the features i need and gets regular updates. If your going for lightweight with a GUI, i recommend it.

    I have not tried Vuze in a long time though, i may try it again i think.

  • Why no mention of BitTorrent… I use it all the time, is there some reason I should use uTorrent instead? I’m not even close to an expert on the subject, but I can’t see any reason to use uTorrent over BitTorrent..??

    • If you plan on downloading from any private trackers, you should keep in mind that the official BitTorrent client is banned at most of them.

      If you stick to public trackers, then feel free to keep using it.

    • The reason many people use µTorrent rather than bitTorrent (client) is that its a lighter program to run, less ram used and such.

      Personally, I’m a fan of open-source torrent clients, given the attitude of most proprietary software vendors towards file sharing. Deluge for me.

  • Used to use uTorrent/uTorrent-Server (Linux) almost exclusively, but since switched to Transmission, as I started to hear some good things about it. And I love it now. It’s nice a lightweight, webUI works great for the other’s on my network, I’ve got it working over SSH so I can manage my torrents when I’m not at home… it does everything I want, and it doesn’t flood me with hundreds of options and preferences that I don’t understand like uTorrent did (but then I suppose those extra options in uTorrent are to it’s own advantage).

    Also heard a ton of great things about rTorrent, although I haven’t had the time to try it yet.

  • Everyone loves torrents, don’t get me wrong, but “It’s the fastest way to download files…” is a completely false statement. Unless its an active torrent, then more often than not it certainly is not the ‘fastest’ way to download files.

    Usenet – private, encrypted, cheap and FAST.

  • rTorrent is the greatest client ever made. Especially once you couple it with ruTorrent – a web front-end that mimics uTorrent exactly.

    I can be seeding 50 torrents, or leeching at 2MB/sec (fastest my home connection can achieve, courtesy 21Mbit syncs. When it comes to ADSL, it really is like real estate – location, location, location) and barely crack 2% CPU usage on an old Pentium D Dell Server.

    It also works with the Android app TransDroid which means when I’m out at an event with friends or family who tell me about a great TV show, I can set the torrent going from my phone to be ready to watch when I get home. Wizardry!

    • rtorrent and rutorrent can be tricky to get working the way you like, but once you do it’s very, very powerful.

      I admit, I tend to just use transmission or utorrent depending on OS – but if I was going to set up a torrentbox that had to run properly with minimal input (and not break), I’d go for rtorrent every time.

  • Can anyone recommend a torrent program other than Vuze with an RSS plugin (because, uh, I need my linux distro the moment it’s released)? That’s just about the only reason I’m hanging on to that old beast.

    • i’d recommend uTorrent er, µTorrent, for using RSS feeds. it’s quite capable of handling private tracker feeds and some public tracker feeds as well, for sites that still have them.

      check with the feed provider’s FAQ or forums to see if they recommend anything in particular, especially on embedding ID and password/tokens for downloading the torrent file itself.

  • I always used Transmission only until one day 23/03/2012 I came across an error on Transmission saying Unregistered torrent. I downloaded uTorrent and tried and worked without a problem. I will be using uTorrent from now on lol. Love them both but one tiny error is enough to push me to the other side especially when I cannot tell the difference between them apart from their names. May as well use the best.

  • Dang! You guys all know so much!
    I’m a mac gal…been using vuze for the in your face simplicity but all this stuff is so foreign to me.
    Don’t understand dns, switching ip’s, proxies, etc etc….
    Imported all the “templates” for vuze… Does utorrent or transmission need them as well? Can someone give me the most important pointers and just straight up tell me what is the best choice? Thanks to any advice given!!! Plus I’m in the states and am having to deal with this banning CRAP!

  • ok so we know the difference between utorrent and bittorren so now which one is better Transmission or Deluge? which one is better uTorrent or transmission and deluge? Just trying to find the best downloader

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