Five Awesome Food Hacks To Finish Out The Long Weekend

It's a leisurely Monday long weekend for many of us (sorry WA!), but it's also the beginning of winter, so you may not want to head outside. Spend some time in the kitchen instead with five of our favourite food hacks.

  • How To Make Your Own Big Mac At Home

    No, you can't make a Big Mac for much less than it would cost in the store — but you can customise it to your heart's content while still enjoying that special sauce flavour.

  • Add Beetroot To A Chocolate Cake

    As Lifehacker's editor and many others can confirm, adding beetroot to a chocolate cake is magical.

  • Fire Up Your Oven To Cook Perfect Bacon

    Bacon. Bacon. Bacon.

  • How To Cook Something In The Dishwasher

    It's a weird idea, but hey, it's a long weekend. Picture by Bart Everson

  • Make Breakfast In A Mug In Just One Minute

    Make yourself a hot breakfast tomorrow to get the (shortened) week off to a high-protein start.

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