Firefox 5 Now Available

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Windows, Mac, Linux and Android: Mozilla has released Firefox 5, the first product of its rapid-release three-month development cycle. Firefox 5’s new features include support for CSS animations, do-not-track on Android, and faster canvas graphics. Perhaps the biggest reason to upgrade to Firefox 5, however, is that you can now close multiple tabs more quickly because the tabs stay the same size. [Firefox]


  • Apart from the minor fact that Microsoft makes IE and Apple makes Safari – Chrome should be pre-installed on every computer in the world and we can stop talking about browsers.

    • That was the problem with IE, it was on every computer and everytime you had a link, it would open IE, even if you had Firefox so i would not want that again.

  • Just tested it and I still prefer Chrome or even IE9 over Firefox 5. There was a time (Firefox 2) when it was great but now it’s lost it’s gloss. At least the text rendering issues with Firefox 4 are now gone.

    • It wasn’t great, it was the best free browser you could get from 0.6 (phoenix, I think) till 2.x. Opera was a paid browser for a lot of that period which gave firefox time to catch up.

      Now firefox is better than ever, but there are a lot more great browsers available and web content standards are more fluid than they have been since the 90s.

      It’s the golden age for browsers, and I’m loving it.

  • I told my friends adobe is so annoying that every time you start your computer,it pops up the update box.Now,finally I find a software which is more bothersome than adobe,that’s firefox!I had updated to 4.0 manually but what I get is a buggy I have to back to 3.5 which I think is the most stable version in the’s DEFINITALLY GREAT that I find it update to firefox 4 automatically the next,what a efficient browser!You lost one more users and I know you don’t care.
    Never use firefox again,I think I should thank you all the same ,because you make me find Avant browser finally.

  • Apparently I’m the only person that likes firefox 4 🙁 Last time I tried Chrome it was too bare bones to use as my main browser, guess that could have changed I love all the customisation options I have with firefox, Chrome sits on the netbook for being the quickest and most efficient, but it isn’t my personal most effective.

  • No I’m the exact same Sam. I was almost forced to try Chrome early on due to issues on my home PC with Firefox but found it to be too bare boned. I know it has since become a more extensive browser but every issue I had with firefox seems to have been resolved since 4. To be honest I’m not quite sure what the hanging or crashing talk is all about as I don’t think I’ve ever experienced either.

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