Find Out If Your Sony Information Was Leaked Right Here

Sony's been hacked again, with over a million accounts lifted, containing vital personal information like home addresses. Is yours included? We've got an exclusive, easy database to check. Just enter your email address, and see if you've been compromised:

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Lulz Security, the hacker squad behind the attack, only released about 38,000 accounts in their initial leak, out of the one-million-plus trove. Lulz announced the hack yesterday, hoping to expose what they claim was inadequate data protection on Sony's part. The information Lulz now has their hands on, and has partially distributed freely online, includes Sony Pictures customers' "Personal information, including passwords, email addresses, home addresses, dates of birth, and all Sony opt-in data associated with their accounts."

This isn't stuff you want floating around, or in the hands of a nefarious stranger. The first thing you can do to protect yourself is to use our tool to see if your account is among the endangered, and then take steps to guard against potential identity theft. And don't worry, we're not storing any text you enter in the search box.


    this isn't working guys.. I put my email address on and press the check button and then nothing happens. What gives?

      Same thing happened to me too. Maybe the widgets been compromised.

    Yep, doesn't work for me either. I've tried Chrome 12, IE 9 and FF 4.0 and none of them work. No AV, firewall etc.

      If it doesn't work for you, go to the original Gizmodo article and try it. It worked for me there:

    Your check up utility doesn't work, overloaded I suppose.

    Now you've collected a whole bunch of email addresses you know are connected to Sony PSN...

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