Enable Private Browsing Quickly Via The Keyboard

Private browsing is great for more than just porn (not that we're judging), but you can start a session or enable it really fast directly from the keyboard in any browser. Well, any browser except Safari.

The video above demonstrates this shortcut in action, but here's the run down for every browser:

  • Chrome: Control/Command + Shift + N
  • Opera: Control/Command + Shift + N
  • Firefox: Control/Command + Shift + P
  • Internet Explorer: Control + Shift + P

In Safari you have to select Private Browsing from the Safari menu, so no keyboard action there. Come on, Apple, get with the program!


    LMAO. "But F**K" Internet Explorer"

    If you're using Safari on a Mac its easy to assign a shortcut to private browsing. Open preferences, go to keyboard, keyboard shortcuts and click the '+'. Assign Safari as the application and the name of the menu entry (Private Browsing) and give it a shortcut. Works for any menu entry on any program :)

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