Embrace Major Life Changes To Grow And Evolve

Embrace Major Life Changes To Grow And Evolve
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Most of us shy away from big, risky changes, but Forbes writer Susannah Breslin points out that it’s those radical life-altering events that force us to grow and mature the most. Embracing them, she says, will ultimately make you a better person.Photo by David Daniels.

Tackling major life changes, like a new job, new relationship, or illness head-on forces you to grow and can change the way you see the world. She points to her own experience moving across country and minimising her life as examples of ways she forced herself out of her comfort zone with positive results. How do you feel about significant life changes? Do you dip your toes in first or just go for it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Why Radical Change Is Better Than Slow Change [Forbes]


  • Ms Breslin writes that radical change “causes you to form a new identity”, but doesn’t explain why this is good or admirable.

    Change can self-evidently be good or bad. Whether you want to “embrace major change” depends on where you are at the moment and whether you want to form a “new identity” or otherwise shake things up. There is much to recommend methodical, persistent self-development.

    I also feel that some people will substitute a radical change (“I’m getting married!”… “I’m moving to another city/country!”) for the hard work of developing a real understanding of themself and their problems.

  • Wigwam, nail on the head… radical change needs careful analysis before being undertaken! I moved overseas for 3 years to teach in Japan when in reality I should have been getting in touch with myself and trying to develop professionally.

    But hey, it’s all experience

  • I forced myself to apply for a job where I knew the boss was a prick. I knew nothing of the subject matter and that my day would go from 6,7,8 hours per day to 10,11,or 12 hour days…I hate it, its tough, the boss is a prick…did I mention that…HOWEVER, my skills have developed, my qualifications have changed, and I am now in a commanding position to apply for better and bigger jobs.
    I embraced the change and I anticipated conflict. Rather than sook about it, I absorbed it. I am happy I did this because I was becoming bored and losing confidence in my previous role. Experience is the key to a better situation. Learn from your mistakes….But don’t ever forget…you have to make them to learn from them….Get out out there and do it you slack bastards!!!!

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