Drinking Non-Alcoholic Wheat Beer May Boost Athletes’ Health

Drinking Non-Alcoholic Wheat Beer May Boost Athletes’ Health

If you’re training for a marathon or other athletic event, it may be a good idea to reach for that non-alcoholic wheat beer. A recent study shows that wheat beer’s polyphenols may have a positive effect on athletes’ health, including guarding against infection.

Photo by Nick J Webb.

Non-alcoholic Erdinger beer was selected, due to its polyphenol content, as the test beverage for this study involving 277 marathon runners. Those who drank the non-alcoholic wheat beer were up to three times less susceptible to infection and inflammation (common among athletes after a marathon) than the placebo group. Their risk of developing a cold was cut by one third, according to the researchers.

Any foods that have a high concentration of polyphenols, vitamins and minerals may give you this health benefit, but if you’re partial to the way beer tastes, now you have another reason to pick up some beer (the non-alcoholic wheat kind).

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  • Since I’m an alcoholic with a running problem, this is good news! So what brand names are the good tasting non alcoholic beers? I like O’DOUL’S in the green bottle, but do not know if that is a wheat beer?

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