DIY Magnetic Towel

This clever DIY solution makes hanging up kitchen towels as simple as positioning it on the side of your oven or fridge. The "magnetowel" is also not that hard to make and doesn't have to involve any sewing.

Instructables user quarterone used iron-on adhesive and a bit of fabric to secure the neodymium magnet to the kitchen towel. (You could instead sew the magnet pouch on if you prefer.) The resulting magnetic towel is quicker to user than draping it through the oven or fridge handle; plus, it's just neat. Hit up the link below for the full step-by-step instructions.

Magnetowel (magnetized kitchen towel) [Instructables]


    Won't the magnet also stick to the washing machine drum?

    Would the magnet affect, chemically? The load in the wash?

      As long as the magnet has been coated as not to rust it should be fine. I can't imagine how it would be any worse than having a metal stud in your jeans.

      BM raises a good point about it sticking to a steel washing machine drum, especially if you use a high strength neodymium magnet as the Indestructables article suggests.

    all good quality washing machines have stainless steel drums - so magent should not be strongly attracted if at all

      All isn't strictly true. Most is however. I've seen no shortage of washing machines with enamel coated drums.

    Must hurt like the blazers when you go to blow your nose on it.

    Anyone have some insights into the creation of a magnetic paper towel holder for the side of a fridge? And small magnetic baskets? All of this stuff can be cheaply bought on amazon but it's hard to find here, and pathetically expensive when you do - eg $15 in the USA, $70 here!

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