Delivereads Sends Curated Articles To Your Kindle

If you'd like some great reading material delivered to you automatically, check out this free service from "Internet Superhero" Dave Pell. Delivereads automagically pushes a handful of articles selected by Pell to your Kindle.Photo by Zhao!

Like other services that access your Kindle device, you'll first need to add Delivereads to your approved email list on Amazon. Then, simply subscribe to the service with your Kindle email address (if you have a Kindle 3 with Wi-Fi access, use the option to avoid the small fee Amazon charges for document delivery).

Today's reads (with a short description for each) include an article from Time about "the optimism bias", a piece in the New Yorker on how checklists can improve medicine, a profile of a criminal mastermind in Wired, and a couple of others.

There's a lot of great web content out there; having someone select and send you some of it is pretty awesome.



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