Dark Wood Desktop

Today's featured desktop comes from reader Kimberly Zyville, who turned a simple wooden panel into an attractive, informative customisation.

We don't have all the details on how this desktop came to be, but it looks like this wallpaper was customised to provide some of the added effects you see above. Since this was made on Mac OS X, presumably GeekTool was used to add the dynamic data like the weather, date, and time. Overall, it's a nice minimal look that still manages to provide quite a bit of information.

Dark Wood Desktop [Lifehacker Desktop Show and Tell Flickr Group]


    Gotta admit the desktop is really nice but....what happens when the month field reaches August?

    linz - possibly the square extends?

    I would love to know how to GeekTool awesome stuff like this... LifeHacker have you considered a GeekTool guide for absolute, complete dummies?

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