Daily App Deals: Print To Your iPhone With ACTPrinter, Now $1.19

New to Lifehacker, Daily App Deals is a not-quite-quotidian compendium of noteworthy app price drops and discounts.

The Best

ACTPrinter - Virtual Printer for iPhone / iPad (iTunes App Store) Previously $2.49, now $1.19. "Print" documents, emails, web pages and more from any program on your computer directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Your computer will automatically detect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch when connected to your AirPort or Wi-Fi network, no need to type in an IP address.





And the Rest



    What about printing FROM your iPhone? I was trying to figure a quick way to do this the other day and of course had to email myself pictures of the page/document and then print from my desktop... surely there is a better way to do this??

      There is - called AirPrint. Just takes a little to setup - just do a search for instructions of how to set up your PC shared printers to work

    Quick Event for iPhone appears to still be $1.19

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