Clean Paint And Grease Off Skin With Cooking Spray

Clean Paint And Grease Off Skin With Cooking Spray

It’s hard to avoid getting paint on your skin during a big project. Instead of using paint thinner to get it off, you can use some skin-friendly cooking spray.

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Paint thinner isn’t bad for your skin, but it can definitely dry it out, which is annoying. Instead, if you’ve got an oil-based paint, primer or grease on your hands, just grab your trusty cooking spray, spray a good amount on your hands, and rub them together. The paint should come right off and you can rinse them clean.

Cooking Spray Uses [DIY Life]


  • If you do more than the occasional bit of dirty work, i would recommend actually getting some real industrial hand cleaner. It can be bought at auto stores in ~500ml containers for ~$8. This cooking spray method requires soap to clean the cooking oil off after you have the paint/oil/grease off. And your not going to want to put the can back in the kitchen cupboard after you’ve had your dirty hands on it anyway.

  • Something I learnt years ago is rub a bar of soap over your hands before you do the work (without it being wet that is). When you go to rinse up the soap under the paint/oil should make clean up a lot easier.

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