Choose The Healthier Contender When You Can't Decide Between Two Similar Snacks

Plenty of foods are similar enough that we tend to use them interchangeably without giving much thought to the matter. Like almonds and cashews; if you're just feeling like a tin of nuts, they could both satisfy your craving, but almonds beat cashews in calcium, potassium, protein and fibre. They've also got lower saturated fat.Photo by Benson Kua.

Another good example is if you're feeling like a finger-food type of fruit. Choosing cherries over grapes will get you more calcium, more potassium, more protein, less calories, and less carbs.

There are plenty of other combinations that you probably come across at least once a week while reaching into the fridge, but there are also some fundamental changes that can be made at the grocery store, too. Try buying whole grain pasta instead of the regular stuff — the difference in taste is surprisingly minuscule, despite the colour, but there's huge amounts of fibre in every serving. Consider Greek yoghurt. It's got easily twice as much protein per serving as the yoghurt we grew up seeing on the shelves.

Australian editor note: eating a whole tin of nuts will be fattening, whatever other health benefits it offers.

Food Fight: fibre, Iron, and Protein [Fitsugar]


    Too bad cherries aren't as affordable as grapes.

    I will happily eat brown rice over white (loads more fibre and vitamin b) but after persevering with wholemeal pasta for 6 mths I've turned my back on it. The taste difference isn't minimal - it's significant.

    "the difference in taste is surprisingly minuscule, despite the colour"

    I could never taste colour myself...

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