Change Your Budget Regularly To Keep Yourself From Straying

Change Your Budget Regularly To Keep Yourself From Straying
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It’s easy enough to put together a simple budget with limits you can adhere to, but sticking to the same plan might cause some problems. Male issues blog Ask Men points to a study in the Journal of Marketing Research that suggests that if your budget becomes a habit, you’ll get bored of it and be more likely to stray.

The study shows that after time, your partitioning system will become a habit. Normally that would be good, but in this case you’ll pay less attention to what you’re doing. And if you pay less attention to your [budget]partitions, you’ll pay less attention to how much you’re consuming. Translation: Just like with physical exercise, you’ll get bored and want to quit.

So how do you vary things up? Set new savings goals more frequently. Make some long term and some short time. Consider allocating more money to one section of your budget and less to another to try enjoying that interest more. Play around with it every few months to try and keep things more interesting. If you get bored with savings—and presumably that’s pretty easy to do—it’s not going to make it any easier.

How to Partition Your Budget [Ask Men]


  • I’ve toyed with mini-budgets numerous times over the years but never really sat down and spent hours (over a few days) tinkering with it to see just what is being consumed; what is being saved; and what could “potentially” be.

    I just did this recently and I’ve found that by simply splitting everything up into fortnightly (I get paid fortnightly), monthly (many of my reoccuring bills are monthly), quarterly (the big bills are quarterly, such as utilities and rates) and annually; you can get a really good picture of what is happening in the short, medium and long term.

    Once you have that, you can work on goals and stuff really simply and also realise that by having a few extra bank accounts to syphon money into as you receive it, you can manage the finances a lot easier.

    By taking the stress out of money matters, you can really enjoy money even if, like me, you’re not made of money. 🙂

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