Calls To Lifeline Will Be Free From All Mobiles

Good one! Under a newly-announced Government initiative, from July 1 calls to mental health and crisis support service Lifeline will be free from all mobile phones, no matter which provider you use.

Over the past year, we've already seen calls to Lifeline made free on Telstra's landlines and mobiles, Vodafone mobiles and iiNet VOIP services. The new all-mobiles-are-free option is due to a government deal to pay the costs for those calls. Definitely a good move.

[via ABC News]



    I think the next thing Lifeline should look at is running a campaign that helps people remember their number.

    One three, three one's and a four !!!

    very good news,
    but i can't believe they are only just doing this now!

    In my experience Lifeline is just a hospital referral service. Hospitals aren't nice places. Do the math.

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