Brand Sometimes Matters More Than Price When We Choose An ISP

Brand Sometimes Matters More Than Price When We Choose An ISP

Getting good-value services is something of an obsession for us here at Lifehacker, but not all shoppers have price in mind when they’re choosing an internet service provider (ISP). A survey of Australian consumers suggests that for a third of buyers, branding is the main consideration.

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Mumbrella reports on a survey of 141 Australians (a small group, but said to be demographically representative) by research firm Inside Story:

The results show that in service sectors such as telecommunications, ISPs and finance, people are looking to buy within a set of brands that they know and trust and that price is a secondary priority.

Of course, brand selection might include other elements: consumers might favour Telstra for its 3G coverage or Internode for customer service, for instance. However, I suspect in many cases — especially for less technology-obsessed types — mere brand familiarity will be the main factor. How important is branding to you when you choose an ISP?

Inside Story unveils new consumer research survey [Mumbrella]


  • I recently signed up to Adam Internet for my new house despite the price premium cause:
    1) I know their service is reliable,
    2) They employ Australians even in their call centre,
    3) I anticipate their WIMAX service will deliver me a faster and more reliable connection than ADSL2+

  • Yeah, well.. if you live outside a capital city, you’re not gonna get a lot of choices.. I’ve noticed that even those brands that have gotten accolades for service, don’t have the value for money that they might have elsewhere! I’ve gotten prices for several ISP’s including Internode and TPG, and from as long as ten years ago, no one has been able to beat iPrimus for price or Download limit, even if their service leaves something to be desired!!

  • Another factor could be that it’s just easier to stay than go unless there’s a huge upside, maybe it’s a real hassle to churn, or you don’t want to change email addresses…..

  • For ISP choice you only need to know one word: “Internode” No one else comes close. You will find cheaper but you will not find better. It works. And they still know what “customer service” is.

  • I’m afraid to change in case I get cut off the internet for several weeks due to some stuff-up, and the resultant call centre merry-go-round.
    Unless there’s a big advantage, leave well alone.

    I read horror stories where users are in limbo whilst ISPs deny the problem is on their side and hope you’d go away.

    I don’t know if such horror stories still happen today with the Ombudsman and all.

    Years ago I moved from Bigpond to Internode because Telstra’s T1 offering was going to cost $90 and Internode was something like $60.
    And I like Internode’s occasional giving you extra bandwidth when plans are revised.

  • This is why dodo has started to drastically improve their customer service – they realised that they can’t compete if they have a good price but terrible service.

    tihs is why I stick with amnet/iinet with tpg and internode as backups. I’ve had great personal experience with amnet and iinet, and had tpg and internode recommended extremely highly. I know and trust these brands for good reason, and I’ll stay within them where possible.

  • I use Locall Australis, not the cheapest, but the best service I’ve ever encountered in a nationwide ISP. If I have a problem or question, I ring up support, get the same guy every time (an Australian), he knows how everything works and helps me to actually solve the problem.
    I could get a better deal elsewhere, but you can’t put a price on excellent service in my opinion.

  • Value for Money I would say TPG hands down, what can be better value than $59 for unlimited dl/ul at ADSL2+ speeds.

    Service wise, Internode are champ and still offer decent value for money. But if you download an array of “Linux ISOs” then TPG is the way to go

  • Aside from how fast the service is, how consistent the customer service and tech support is, I want to know how the company is going to treat issues with privacy and censorship. iiNet wins for me hands down there.

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