Brand Sometimes Matters More Than Price When We Choose An ISP

Getting good-value services is something of an obsession for us here at Lifehacker, but not all shoppers have price in mind when they’re choosing an internet service provider (ISP). A survey of Australian consumers suggests that for a third of buyers, branding is the main consideration.

Picture by Rupert Ganzer

Mumbrella reports on a survey of 141 Australians (a small group, but said to be demographically representative) by research firm Inside Story:

The results show that in service sectors such as telecommunications, ISPs and finance, people are looking to buy within a set of brands that they know and trust and that price is a secondary priority.

Of course, brand selection might include other elements: consumers might favour Telstra for its 3G coverage or Internode for customer service, for instance. However, I suspect in many cases — especially for less technology-obsessed types — mere brand familiarity will be the main factor. How important is branding to you when you choose an ISP?

Inside Story unveils new consumer research survey [Mumbrella]


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