Big W Online Has Three iTunes Cards For The Price Of Two

Big W Online Has Three iTunes Cards For The Price Of Two

Big W’s online store has been one of the best sources for discount iTunes cards this year. Right now, the site is offering three cards for the price of two (with free delivery) — an effective 33% saving. The deal is listed as “while stocks last”, so might be worth grabbing quickly if you’re after some iTunes credit. [Big W via OzBargain]


  • dont forget to use ‘BDAY5’ promo code at the payment details page of the checkout for another $5 off… 3x $20 cards for $35 is an absolute bargain!

  • I can’t seem to get it to work (the promo or the code).

    Accessing the Promotion banner on the Big W homepage leads you to a dead link error.

    Perhaps the promotion is over?

  • Purchased 3 x $20 cards and received them yesterday but it appears that none of the cards are redeemable. In fact, two of the cards ask for serial numbers after entering the redeem code and both fail. The other states that it hasn’t been properly activated.

    An email received from Big W said to wait a day or two before redeeming so I’ll try again tomorrow and see how it goes, but it’s pretty damn annoying to have to wait so long after purchase for activation of the card.

    I guess I understand the security concerns that necessitate this process but why isn’t there a better system in place? They could instead -using the email address provided upon purchase- send a secure link to an iTunes Store page that provides an immediately-redeemable code.

  • @digitalchet I ordered 3 x $30 itunes cards which arrived yesterday. None of them are activated. Very poor, I can’t understand why it takes days to activate the card. As you’ve been advised by BigW to wait a few days I’ll do the same, will probably contact them on Monday.

  • Yeah, still not redeemable, five days after arriving. I guess they took the long weekend off…

    By the way: when iTunes asks for the serial number, it’s not the number listed as “card number” on the back of the card. It’s actually the number on the lower right corner of the card, and it needs to have “GCA0” added on front (it will end up being something like “GCA0007675…”).

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